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Seaboard Transport
Seaboard Transport, headquartered in Shawnee Mission, Kan., provides temperature controlled services to our customers across the country. Seaboard Transport is one of the first companies to take its vehicles powered by compressed natural gas over-the-road. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service with a professional driving force. At Seaboard Transport we understand the importance of work/life balance. Join us - Become one of the best!
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Farm Production Operations
Looking for a career working with animals, grain or trucks? Farm production operations may have the career for you. Seaboard Foods' production facilities consist of genetic and commercial breeding, farrowing, nursery and finishing buildings located in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas and Colorado, supported by six centrally located feed mills. Current operations produce more than 4 million hogs annually. Seaboard Foods farm operations division also operates its own transportation dispatch and logistics operation.
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Guymon Processing Plant Operations
Seaboard Foods' state-of-the-art processing facility in Guymon, Okla., opened in 1995. The plant has operated at full capacity since 1997, allowing Seaboard Foods to process more than 5 million head annually. The technology and safety features of this facility allow Seaboard Foods to deliver safe, high quality products meeting exact customer specifications. Seaboard Foods offers production, technical, professional and administrative career opportunities at the Guymon plant.  
High Plains Bioenergy Employment
High Plains Bioenergy
High Plains Bioenergy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Seaboard Foods, offers many career opportunities, including professional, technical and skilled positions.  The company focuses on creating energy from the Seaboard Foods integrated system as well finding sustainable energy solutions for the integrated food system. High Plains Bioenergy operates a biodiesel plant next to the Guymon pork processing plant, and manages the compressed natural gas (CNG) operations for Seaboard Foods.

Salt Lake City Employee
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Daily's Premium Meats-Processed Meats
Daily's Premium Meats, a part of the integrated system, operates two bacon processing plants in Missoula, Mont., and Salt Lake City, Utah. These two locations offer careers for plant production workers, as well as professional, technical and administrative positions in processed meats sales, accounting, information systems and quality assurance. 

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Corporate Headquarters
Located in Merriam, Kan., a Kansas City, Mo. suburb, a team of professional, technical and administrative employees work closely with the operational facilities of the Seaboard Foods integrated food system. Many career opportunities are available, including fresh pork sales, product and transportation logistics, information systems and accounting.

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